Boeing's NewGen Tanker

When EADS North America announced earlier this month their plans to compete against Boeing to bid on the heated and controversial USAF KC-X tanker contract, it was only a matter of time before the trash talk would fly. Stephen Trimble of Flight Global has obtained a one page list of anti-Boeing talking points that EADS has supplied to their allies in Congress.

Here are a few of these zingers from EADS:

Boeing’s KC-767 boom doesn’t meet the Air Force’s requirement, and its hose pods don’t work. So far only their art department has fixes.

Really? Boeing engineers…do you have anything to say about that?

Our aircraft is an investment in the future of U.S. industry, bringing manufacturing to our shores when Boeing is sending it away.

Really? Boeing’s NewGen Tanker will be built in Everett.

An award to Boeing is a gamble with taxpayer money and the warfighter’s future.

According to Boeing, the NewGen Tanker will save American taxpayers more than $10 billion in fuel costs over its 40-year service life because it burns 24 percent less fuel than the competition.

To read more the EADS trash talk, check out the Flightglobal post at this link:

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