Crows and Ravens are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They can make and use tools, and have a very interesting social life. An uncoming presentation examines the often surprising ways that crows and humans interact and how those interactions reflect a process of “cultural coevolution.” They offer a challenging new view of the human-crow dynamic — a view that may change our thinking not only about crows but also about ourselves. Presenter John Marzluff, UW Professor of Wildlife Science, is the premier Crow and Raven researcher in the Pacific NW.

The event takes place on Thursday, May 20 from 7:00 – 8 p.m. at the Northwest Stream Center at McCollum Park (600 128th St SE Everett).

Tickets: $5 Members / $7 Non-members. Advance Purchase Necessary.
Minimum Class Size: 20
Age Recommendation: Grade 6 to Adult

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If you have any doubts about the intelligence of Crows and Ravens…watch a youtube video at the previous link and take a glimpse of a crow and his tool making exercise.

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